Do You Believe In Love At First Sight

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  • Kigul
    Jun 22,  · For every story like the one above, though, there are probably hundreds of cases where people thought it was love at first sight, and the relationship never really went anywhere. Feeling attracted to someone when you first see them is pretty easy, but that is not a feeling that has staying power apart from some relationship building.
  • Mikakree
    Do scientists believe in love at first sight? Many biologists believe that love is a biological construct because all human cultures have the capacity to love, as well as some animals that appear to express it.
  • Duk
    Feb 20,  · Do you believe in love at first sight? A quick glance, a friendly smile – sometimes it clicks immediately between two persons. Other people take a bit longer to fall in love.
  • Tok
     Personally I do not believe in love at first sight only because it is a proven fact when you first see someone if you guys stare at one another for more than 7 seconds it is lust or a desire to kill. I think this love at first sight thing is really is such a broad term and is used incorrectly in many contexts. It could mean love of anything, love for anything, and love in anything.
  • Mizilkree
    Dec 19,  · Thanks for asking Rishabh Gupta Yes I do believe in love at first sight, it's experiencing instant, intense and long lasting attraction for a stranger. The first is that the attractiveness of a person can be very quickly determined, with the avera.
  • Maut
    Jun 27,  · I believe that the use of the phrase "love at first sight" does just that. To love someone is not to lust after their looks, but to admire and appreciate who they are as an individual. To love someone is to take the time to do so and one lock of the eyes is nowhere near long enough. "I no longer believed in the idea of soul mates, or love at first Taylor Finkelstein.
  • Malataur
    I believe people think it's "love at first sight", when it's more attraction, lust. Real love takes time to grow, build into something past just the physical You can't know someone's personality, character, strengths and heart "at first sight" and those are the parts of a person I fall in love with 3 | 2.
  • Shatilar
    I do believe in love at first sight and yes love at first sight do exist. Love is uncontrollable, crazy, unpredictable. If you love someone we cannot control our feelings, we forgot the fact that oh I need to know him, I shouldn't just fall in love right away because we cannot control our feelings.
  • Faet
    do you believe in love at first sight or should i enter again?? *cheeky smile* By: giggles on my bf used this on me, i asked him to walk again, and so he did, but i tripped him over and cracked up laughing. after, he grabbed me and gave me the cutest kiss ever, and so i agreed! #imANidiot #still.
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