Peripheral Settings - Goldface - アミーガの OS 3.0 (File)

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  • Muzshura
    There was a problem loading Just My Code settings from disk. Settings will revert to default. {0} Det uppstod ett problem när de aktuella Just My Code-inställningarna skulle sparas på disk. {0} There was a problem saving the current Just My Code settings to disk. {0}
  • Sarisar
    Peripheral settings. VICE is able to support some special peripherals: file system devices, pseudo-drives accessing the Unix file system; printers. These features depend on some kernal traps that replace the existing routines in the original Commodore operating system with custom-made C routines. Settings for file system devicesMissing: Goldface.
  • Kegul
    10個1組 [じっこいちくみ] /(n) decade/ 10個1組 [じっこひとくみ] /(n) decade/ 10進2進変換 [じっしんにしんへんかん] /(n) decimal toMissing: Goldface.
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